Regional Preferred Pumper Program

Western States Alliance - Oregon Chapter

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Removal

Grease Pipe

The Preferred Pumper Program (PPP) is an alliance of pumper companies working with their local sewer agency to establish a standard of cleaning and reporting procedures for grease interceptors. The developed criteria promotes effective maintenance, which extends the life of the equipment, helps prevent building sewer backups and helps ensure compliance of local sewer use ordinances.

Pumpers registered with the PPP sign agreements certifying that they will implement these cleaning standards during each pumpout and that staff will be trained and educated about these standards. Each Preferred Pumper submits the required seven day notice prior to any pumpout service and required reporting to the local sewer agency. If a Preferred Pumper is not used, then the FOG generator, or food service establishment, is responsible for alerting the local sewer agency seven days prior and submitting a FOG report within 10 days of a pumpout. 

Preferred Pumper Program Criteria

Preferred Pumpers agree to the PPP Standards document and to:

In addition to the above criteria, certain discharges are prohibited: 

Reference Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR) Section 403.5 (b)(3) and 403.8 (f)(2)(vi)(C)

Program Benefits

Benefits for FOG generators:

Benefits for Preferred Pumpers:

Forms and Resources

Training Materials

Visit Clean Water Services' website to get handouts, brochures and training program information for FOG generator management.

Preferred Pumper List

Companies must meet certain standards to be listed as a Preferred Pumper. These companies have signed agreements to these standards and are evaluated on a continuing basis. New companies must complete a six month evaluation process.

  1. (Albany, Lebanon, Corvallis and Salem service areas only)
  2. Grease Trap Service
  3. Jacob Environmental Services
  4. Pro-Pump Sanitation Solutions, LLC
  5. Rescue Rooter
  6. SeQuential
  7. West Side Drain
  8. Baker Commodities
  9. Oregon Oils, Inc.
  10. Liquid Environmental Solutions
  11. River City Environmental Inc.